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PCN is here to serve Cape Town with the neighbour-to-neighbour local service you ve come to expect from us. Our fibre optic network takes your bandwidth to the next level with speeds starting at 10 Mbps for R599/pm - uncapped and unshaped.
In addition to our home fibre service, PCN also offers business fibre. A fast, reliable fibre internet connection can give your business a competitive advantage. High-quality internet service helps employees and management collaborate through things like video conferencing and file sharing.

Fibre to the Home

Fibre to the Home

I want fibre for my home

Fibre to the Business

Fibre to the Business

I want fibre for my business


The future of telecommunications.
Reduce your calls costs and update your PBX system.

VoIP telephones

Replace your old analogue telephones with new
VoIP telephones, which run on high speed fibre lines at affordable rates.

Cloud PBX Service

Make use of Our Cloud PBX service which is
free on our business fibre.


  • Super impressed. Professional, friendly and efficient service.

    Gerald Body Corporate Chairman
  • Went off without a hitch, and when I messed things up afterwards, they called me to check if every thing was okay and resolved my problem within 5 min.

    Howard Fibre user
  • We hereby relay our sincere appreciation to the PCN Team for a very professional service rendered during the Internet application and installation processes. The PCN Team has responded professionally to our request for fast- tracking the internet installation and the Installation Team exceeded our expectations. The Thank you for a commendable Internet service. Keep up the good work.

    Managing Director
  • PCN conforms to my idea of an ideal service provider. The internet just works, no user complaints, and no need to ever contact their support.

    Cronjee van Heerden
  • Brilliant service, competitive pricing for a great product! Don't often see all 3 boxes ticked!!

    Jarred Romm
  • One of the most competent ISP in Cape Town (way ahead of the rest). But I would not expect anything less from a owner who's heart is beating in Mbit/s.

    Gunter Grodotzki
  • Outstanding! No other ISP is this upfront about their network.

    Leo James
  • These guys are at the top of their game, professional friendly helpful staff and they push to get things done. A huge thank you to Vince and team. You cannot go wrong!!

    Romeo Ross
  • The most reliable ISP I've used. I've never been happier with my connectivity and the response time from the support team is unrivalled. As a high end user, I highly recommend PCN. 3 years of service and not even looking at other options. Amazing work PCN. Keep it up!

    Paul Vicars
  • Kurt Heuwel at PCN is an absolute gem! Always willing to advise and assist. Our company is a proud client of PCN and they really go the extra mile in terms of customer service.

    Lanette H
  • Excellent, friendly service! Very Impressed, thank you for all your help

    Elize de Wet
  • Excellent service and offering for both our business and our partners - highly recommended!

    Rael Phillips
  • Best internet provider in Cape Town. Provided wireless internet to our home and fibre internet to our business. Their network is never down and very reliable!

    Marc Texeria


Get frequent solution of your question.


Yes. We offer uncapped and unshaped fibre connections that give you full control over your internet requirements. Our contention ratio is far lower than traditional ISPs, and we offer our customers the chance to have dedicated, uncontended data on tap.


Simply put, this is the number of times that an ISP shares the same amount of data with other clients. Typically, fibre ratios are about 10:1, but we are able to reduce this even further to a ratio of 4:1 or even 1:1 in the case of dedicated bandwidth packages.


Fibre network operators are the companies that trench and lay the physical fibre cable in your area. Internet Service Providers such as PCN are the companies that rent the lines from the FNO’s and supply you with the Internet service.


PCN makes use of multiple fibre infrastructure providers, so it depends on the infrastructure in your area. If there is already a Fibre internet box on the wall of your property or inside your apartment then it can just be a matter of days. Typically Installation time frames are as follows: Openserve: 7 Days Octotel: 14 Days Vuma: 14 Days Frogfoot: 14 Days SADV: 28Days Teralink: 14 Days Mitsol: 7 Weeks Clear Access: 14 Days Link Africa: 14 Days Metrofibre: 14 Days (7 days For Complexes & Estates)


You will not need to buy anything to get started. PCN provides you with a fully managed free to use router along with everything else you will need. We also run the NAT on our router as well as DHCP and any other services that you require. The router is free to use while you are a PCN customer. Find out more about getting your business connected to fibre internet, and enjoy our dedicated, customer-focused approach that helps you each step of the way, from installation to customer care.


ADSL is an older technology and therefore less reliable and slower than Fibre Internet. ADSL runs over older copper telephone cables, which are being phased out and will no longer be supported by telephone companies.


No, you do not need a telephone line to get fibre.


Broadband Fibre speeds are measured in Mbps. Speeds are based on your own preferences and needs and depend on what you are using the internet connection for. Light Use: Required Speed 20Mbps - Emails, Basic Browsing, Light streaming. Medium Use: Required Speed 50Mbps - Frequent Downloads, HD Streaming, Video Calling +-5 Users. Heavy Use: Required Speed 100Mbps - Media Rich Data Downloads, Heavy Streaming with multiple users, Video chats with multiple users.


It's as simple as signing up with us. To sign up with us and find the best fibre service provider visit and search using your full physical address. Once you place your order we will confirm this with you via telephone or email. We will deliver your router before your service is installed. We suggest only canceling your older service once your Fibre Internet is installed and working to avoid downtime.


PCN Provide a standard wifi router with the service which is a lot better than most entry level wifi routers. WIFI coverage however depends greatly on the environment such as walls and other types of Interference. WIFI coverage range is generally as good as the range of a cordless phone. You may need to add additional wifi points to extend the range, which is something we can assist you with and quote you on.


Upgrades - Speed Upgrades can be effected within an average of 24 hours. We will pro-rata the additional charge for the month to you. Downgrades - Downgrades are processed within 1 calendar month. Cancelling - The PCN Router is the property of PCN meaning that the router needs to be sent back to us. Most of our packages are month to month meaning you can cancel by providing 1 calendar month's notice. If you cancel your PCN Fibre service within the first 12 months then PCN will invoice you the full installation fee that we subsidised upon installation. If you paid for the installation then no claw-back fee is applicable. If you are moving homes no cancellation is necessary we will assist you in moving your service.


Yes, you can - This technology is called VoIP and it is a way to make calls over the internet to standard phone numbers. We can even port your old number to us, meaning you keep the number you have. We can provide you with a quote on the hardware required for this and the cost to keep your existing number with PCN. For more information visit